About Us

Alyne is a Game Changer!

FOR 45 YEARS, bladder leakage brands relied on bulky wood-pulp technology, making small improvements in absorbency, colors and packaging. They missed what consumers were looking for most: a more dignified way to wear protective underwear. That’s why Alyne invented and patented a breakthrough absorbent technology without using wood pulp.

Key Milestones

  • Creating the Now and Future for Disposable Absorbent Products
  • Developed patented core that is biggest innovation to absorbent product market in 45 years that replaces wood pulp.
  • Founded in 2012 by industry experts with combined 80+ years of experience in Absorbent Products
  • Launched Alyne Underwear Brand in Spring of 2018
  • Launched Alyne Diamond Core in January 2019
  • Made in USA with Manufacturing and Distribution facilities in North Carolina and Pennsylvania
  • INDA Hygienix™ Innovation Award 2017