ALYNE Underwear

Discreet Ultra Thin Underwear available in
gender specific or unisex, and 3 levels of absorbency:
Moderate, Max, Overnight. Also available as
Premium Private Label Underwear



Absorbent Core

State of the art technology utilizes a
multi-layer, multi-SAP, pulp-less absorbent core
for adult incontinence, infant diapers, and more


Advanced Absorbent Technologies, LLC (AAT) is an innovator, bringing the first technology breakthrough in bladder leak protection in 45 yrs. AAT is committed to efficient and sustainable manufacturing. The Award Winning AAT technology elevates the quality of life for adults and infants by providing discreet, ultra dry, and comfortable pulp-less products.

Diamonds Are The Difference Video

Watch and learn about the secret to our technology or Watch and learn about our game changing technology


Developed patented core, Alyne Diamond Quilt, that is biggest innovation to absorbent product market in 45 years that replaces wood pulp.​​ ​Alyne meets the EPA’s mandate of reduce, reuse and recycle. Fewer of our planet’s trees are harvested and less pollution is generated moving our products across the globe.​

Our Roots

Founded in 2012 by industry experts with combined 80+ years of experience in Absorbent Products. AAT Founders and Advisors were first to introduce disposable underwear to U.S. The leadership team is comprised of seasoned executives from the absorbent product industry.


Our Breakthrough Alyne Underwear with Alyne Diamond Core is up to 50% thinner than the leading brand, while still providing full protection against leaks. Alyne also continuously absorbs and locks away odor. Made in the USA, with Manufacturing and Distribution facilities located in North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

Alyne Underwear Consumer Experience

"'What’s not to love. These really are thin and absorbent I like the material better than depends."- Pllwtlk
"Amazingly thin, very discreet, and incredibly absorbent for their size. My wife is so happy with them; perfect for any outfit, even working out and wearing yoga pants."- J M Ohio
"I feel so protected and light in my Alyne Ulta Thin underwear. Feeling is beautiful and comfortable."- EdnaPa
"They are thin and more comfortable than anything else I used before."- Anthony, MN
"I looked for a product that was closest to my regular underwear. For me, I found it with this."- Wanda, CA
"They are thin and more comfortable than anything else I used before."- Anthony, MN